How Consignment Works

How Does Consignment Work?

Bring in your lovingly used kids items on Wednesday - Saturday between 11 am-4 pm to receive 40% of the resale value in store credit or cash once your items sell. Credit does not expire and it can be used for anything in the shop.  Even new stuff! 

When Can I Come?

Feel free to stop by Wednesday - Saturday between 11am-4pm without an appointment.  These day might get busy so there may be a wait if you choose to stick around rather than drop off your items. If you choose the latter we will contact you as soon as we have hand selected those pieces we think we can sell. We ask that you pick up those items we did not choose by end of the next day. If you cannot make our Wednesday - Saturday drop-off we do offer appointments on select days. 

What Can I Bring?

  • Clothing from preemie to 10 youth in excellent condition, recently washed, free from stains, tears, holes, visible pet hair, discoloration, or odors. If we accept an item and later find that we missed an imperfection, we will donate the item. 

  • Please make sure buttons, snaps, and zippers are in working order, and have brand/size tag. 
  • Seasonally Appropriate Clothing. 

  • Shoes from 0 to size 6 youth. We accept rain and snow boots as well as cleats year round.

  • Gear that is less than 4 years old and in excellent condition. We accept strollers, jumpers, walkers, jumpers, rockers, bassinets, and current model baby carriers and slings.  

What Don't We Accept?

  • Any clothing with odor, stains, tears, fading, broken zippers, missing or broken buttons, or out of style will not be accepted..  

  • We are currently not accepting any big box brands including Carter’s, Chicco, Jumping Bean, and other bargain brands.  We strive to offer resale at all price levels and will on occasion accept these brands if they are new with tags and seasonally in demand.

  • Any breastfeeding pumps.

  • Potties.

  • Car seats, car seat boosters.

  • Cribs.

  • Toys.

Pricing: All pricing will be done by Little Roo's.

Baby equipment: All equipment needs to be in excellent condition. Please make sure the item is clean and ready to sell. If the item requires batteries, it must have batteries to show that it works. 

Consignment period: The consignment period is 90 days. After 90 days any unsold items that are not picked up will become property of Little Roo's. If you wish to have your items back after the consignment period ends, please make sure you mark your calendar to retrieve them, as we do NOT call when your items expire. You have a 7 day grace period to pick up items after the consignment period. After the grace period, items will become property of Little Roo's and may be donated to a local non-profit. We recommend you put the date of consignment expiration in your phone calendar. 

Checks can be picked up anytime after the 15th the month, and store credit is available as soon as your item sells. 

"It's my first time"

  • In order to get the most out of your trade and ensure a quick visit please look through what you bring us to include only those items that are in good resalable condition.  This means getting rid of any stains or odors before they are reviewed. Look under different lighting whenever possible. Natural light is the best at catching those pesky oil stains that go unnoticed.

  • CONSIDER THE SEASON. Bring us only seasonally appropriate clothing and shoes that fit the current weather conditions.

  • MAKE IT LOOK GREAT. Button every button and zip up every zipper to ensure these are in working order and repairs aren’t needed.  We may pass up a designer piece if it is missing just one button. Get the wrinkles out of your clothes. We will price items higher if they look neat and pressed ready to sell out of your bag. Wipe and dust off gear.  We will be less likely to take an item if it is sticky and grimy. And we will offer you much more in trade if an item looks brand new.

  • REVIEW the list of items and brands we do not accept.